SOLIFE™ scrubs are designed and modeled by you; the heroes that wear them everyday.

Comfy Graduated Compression Socks

Treat your feet to our super-soft compression socks! Gentle 15-20 mmhg compression with popular designs.

Love SILC™

Treat your hair to voluptuous silky satin-lined scrub hats. Complete with a comfy cotton sweatband. Satin retains moisture and nutrients that are stripped during your busy workday. You’ve never seen hats like this.

Womens Scrubs

We listened to you. We've created scrubs that will move with you, breathe, and flatter every curve.

Mens Scrubs

A powerful mixture of functionality and style. Various pockets, tapered stitching, and our breathable BioFit™ fabric; this is how a hero should look!

Life to Life™ Program

Each month we donate to a new children's foundation based on your voice! This month we're proud to partner with Prevent Child Abuse America® to help children that can't help themselves.

You don't have to buy from us to change a life...

You can donate directly to Prevent Child Abuse America® by clicking below! We're just happy to make a difference. Thank you!